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Educational Institutions

3DHUB's Classroom sketch solution is the perfect way to modernise your academic institution and place you among the global schooling leaders. 3D printing has been identified as one of the future technologies, why not introduce it to your students in a practical way.

3DHUB's class room sketch helps set up a full 3D lab and course curriculum. In addition we can provide a full time teacher to run the program at your schools.

Manufacturing Industries

3DHUB's expertise in manufacturing can help you set up a 3D printing line that delivers cost saving and helps drive innovation at your manufacturing facility.

We provide you with the machines you need to set up, along with the raw material supply and 3D printing machine operators, designers and maintenance staff. Our solution helps you rapidly develop 3D printing capability with minimum machine downtime.

Hospitals & Healthcare

3DHUB supplies medical grade 3D printers and materials along with the technical experts required to design and print. Expertise include Dental, Bone Replacement, Prosthetics, Pre Surgery Modelling and much more. Provide the latest in customised patient care with 3DHUB.

Other 3D Solutions

  • 3D Printing Business Case Study Development
  • 3D Material Supply Cloud Monitoring and Ordering System


  • 3D Machine Operators
  • 3D Machine Maintenance and Servicing


  • 3D Prototype Designers
  • 3D Machine Parts Replacement and Repair

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