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Your 3D Printing Manufacturer

On-demand manufacturing and rapid prototyping. Get your designs created by the best 3D printers avaiable in the market and delivered at your doorstep.

How it Works

We follow a simple 4 step process which delivers the product at your doorstep

Submit your designs
Submit your STL file and fill in our quick quote page.
Step 1
Get the Quote
Once your file is submitted, we guarantee a quick quote and feedback from one of our representatives.
Step 2
Initiate Manufacturing Process
The best manufacturer in our quality-vetted network will start producing your design straight away.
Step 3
At your Door Delivery
We handle all logistics and communications, guaranteeing your part arrives on time.
Step 4

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Build your own design!

3D Printing Services

We provide the best quality 3D printed design with a variety of available materials in the Market!

We offer a range of printing options from Prototyping to large Scale Industrial applications suited for all customers!
3D Printing, Prototyping, Modelling, Large Scale Printing, Industrial Scale Printing
Printing Materials
We offer more than 10 different types of Materials with multi-color options to provide a wide range of options for the users.
Nylon, PETG, Resin, PLA, ASA, PTU, ABS, Aluminium, Stainless Steel
Printing Types
There are more than 6 different printing techniques we offer to get the best results for our customers.

Why Choose us!!

Why we are ahead of the competitors

Why Choose 3DHUB!

Its because we are the best in the Business!

Quality assurance
From factory audits to part inspections, we follow strict processes to ensure your parts always meet the highest quality standards.
Our manufacturing partners have all the necessary certifications for your projects needs (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949, ISO 27001).

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